You Have a Shot if You Can Help the Company

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I don't want anyone to struggle during the job search process. I want you to make your ideal job search a slam dunk no matter who you are competing against. But in order to compete at this level, you need to view things differently, think differently, and do things differently. I'm here to reframe your job search and help you stand out and land your ideal job.

You Have a Shot if You Can Help the Company

How do people get hired when they don’t appear to be the most qualified candidates? They show companies how they can solve their problems, address their challenges, and help them reach their goals. If you don’t have the MBA degree requested in the job announcement or all five years of experience required for the job, find out what the employer really needs and show the employer you can address the needs well regardless of your deficiencies. Take a look at the job announcement and see what you can do well, and find a way to demonstrate the value you can bring to the organization through your unique talents. The best way to get hired is to convince the employer you can do the job even before you are in the position. There are many ways to demonstrate value early, including the following:

  • Uncover the company’s challenges and develop recommendations for addressing them.
  • Find out how the company stacks up to its competitors and then offer some suggestions for helping them stand out above the competitors.
  • Ask customers about the company’s products and services and then give the employer tips for improving them.
  • Demonstrate what you have done in the past (reports, presentations, designs, videos) to show what you can do in the future to help the company address its needs.
  • Have one of your contacts (a referral) reach out to the hiring manager and highlight your ability to solve the company’s exact problems.
  • Create a brochure, video, flyer, training program, or social media campaign that addresses the company’s challenges or goals and demonstrates your capabilities.

Job requirements have been established to narrow down the pool of candidates. However, they are rarely carved in stone, especially if you connect with the hiring manager early in the process and show how you can excel in the position. Regardless of what credentials you bring to the table, employers will always be intrigued by candidates who can help solve the company’s challenges. So get your suggestions in the hands of the hiring manager, and see what happens. You might be surprised by the success of this approach. Why? Because no one else will do it! 

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