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Best Way to Overcome Rejection

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I don't want anyone to struggle during the job search process. I want you to make your ideal job search a slam dunk no matter who you are competing against. But in order to compete at this level, you need to view things differently, think differently, and do things differently. I'm here to reframe your job search and help you stand out and land your ideal job.

Best Way to Overcome Rejection

When you focus on developing connections, seeking advice, building relationships, and tapping into emotions, you will find that opportunities will often come your way. There is nothing worse than applying for jobs online, landing an interview, going through a lengthy interview process, being rejected in the final round of interviews, and not having any other available opportunities. You feel like you are at square one again, and you are! Unfortunately, too many job seekers experience this situation because they do not get in front of people and build relationships. 

Rejection isn’t nearly as bad when you have other opportunities available. If one doesn’t work out, you can move on to the next one. While you might think you have many more opportunities available when applying for online jobs, you take a significant risk if you don’t get any bites from a “job board” approach. And you lose a lot of control in the process because you have nothing to show for all your hard work when you are turned down for opportunities. To increase your chances of having more opportunities, diversify your approach, and make CARE (Connections, Advice, Relationships, and Emotions) your number one priority.

When you reach out to people, let them know about your interests and goals, ask for advice, and develop relationships, you put a long-term job search foundation in place that will help you during your current and future job searches. When your job board approach doesn’t pan out, often the people you have contacted early in the process will start to let you know about potential opportunities.

By diversifying your job search approach, you increase the number of opportunities in both the short- and long-run. You can still apply for relevant posted positions, but make sure you put a considerable emphasis on connecting with people. And, when you CARE about the people you meet, treat them well, impress them, and help them, good things will come your way.

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