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Welcome to the 6-Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process!

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Slam Dunk Job Search will reframe how you approach your search and help you become the candidate employers can't wait to hire.



You don't know how to wow employers, seal the deal, and land the job offer in a highly competitive job market.

You don't know how to get in the door at your target organizations and tap into the hidden job market.

You don't know how the job search playing field really functions, and you aren't motivated to conduct the type of job search needed to land your ideal job.

You don't have a proven, easy-to-follow job search process in place to take you from start to finish and help you land your ideal job.

Do these frustrations sound familiar?

If you're experiencing the typical job search frustrations, it's time to take a seat and learn more about the 6-Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process.

Early in my career, I wasn’t remarkable during the job search process. I didn’t grab interviewers’ attention and inspire them to remember me, and I didn’t know how to make my ideal job search a slam dunk. I was following the same job search advice that most people were following, and I was trying to do everything the way I’d been told was the “right” way. I didn’t know I could break the script and be creative, different, and inspiring. If I had, I would have made the process much more engaging for myself and the people around me, and I would have been more successful in landing my ideal jobs early in my career.

I had to learn to navigate the job search process successfully on my own. When I finally cracked the job search code, I made a commitment to help more job seekers land their ideal jobs. With more than 25 years of experience helping thousands of job seekers land jobs in all types of job markets, I have pulled my key steps, tools, and tactics into one book to help you take control of the job search process and elevate your career to the next level.

I wrote Slam Dunk Job Search because I know what it feels like when you are unable to land your ideal job and don't know how to stand out and close the deal. It feels awful!

guess what...

During the Relationship Team step, you will use Brief Question-and-Answer Advising (BQAA) Sessions to connect with key people in your field, build a lifelong professional relationship team, learn more about your field, become more marketable, get in the door at your target organizations, and connect with hiring managers. 

Relationship Team

Step 4

During the Market Ready step, you will get everything ready before you hang the "Open for Business" sign on your job search and start to compete for your ideal job. You will assess your marketability; determine what separates you from your competitors; follow a simple framework for communicating your value; get your marketing documents ready; clean up your online presence, develop your brand, start to show your work; and prepare for contact.

Market Ready

step 3

During the Success Mindset step, you will start to view the job search process differently, and you will use six Slam Dunk Guiding Principles to help you navigate all the stages of the job search process successfully and handle the unexpected twists and turns that come your way. 

Success Mindset

Step 2

During the Career Design step, you will identify a motivating destination (your grand career aspirations), understand the "why" behind what you want to do, reverse engineer your career path from your desired destination, and determine the ideal job you will pursue at this point in time. 

Career Design

step 1

Here's What You'll Learn


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During the Slam Dunk step, you will implement strategies to go beyond your competitors during key moments and for sure during the interview stage.
You will stretch higher to find ways to be different and memorable, and you will implement strategies to seal the deal and make your ideal job search a slam dunk.

Slam Dunk

Step 6

During the Competitive Commitment step, you will commit to doing the basics well across the board, implement tactics to help you be brilliant at the basics, and follow through on your competitive commitment at every stage of the job search process.

Competitive Commitment

step 5

— Lacrissa Davis
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rincon Consultants, Inc.

“Dave Parker was a revelation upon moving to the west coast. He very candidly broke the mold by helping me to see what employers needed and wanted from candidates. Slam Dunk Job Search takes job seekers out of their heads and into the real world, focusing on what it truly takes to win – a step that hurried job seekers often overlook. Dave’s book is an essential read for job seekers facing steep competition in a highly competitive job market.”

“Dave's book is an essential read for job seekers facing steep competition in a highly competitive job market.”

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Learning how to stand out and fit in at the same time so you leave nothing to chance

Using steps, visual diagrams, and checklists to make the job search process much easier

Learning how and why you should break the traditional job search rules throughout the entire process

Replacing Informational Interviews with Brief Question-and-Answer Advising (BQAA) Sessions

Eliminating the words "networking" and "elevator pitch" from your job search vocabulary

Having a process to follow that will take you from A to Z and help you seal the deal and get the job offer

Read Slam Dunk Job Search and elevate your job search by...

“Dave Parker’s book is a phenomenal tool that condenses the otherwise daunting task of a job search and packages it in a simple step-by-step process that is manageable and extremely effective. A ‘must have’ for all job seekers.”  

Jaime Dietenhofer
President and Cofounder
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

"Dave’s 6-Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process has completely shifted how I pursue jobs. In Slam Dunk Job Search, you'll not only learn how to efficiently and effectively make yourself stand out in the job market, but you'll also enjoy sharing your skills with others."

Lillian Mirviss
Director, Government Affairs
Nonprofit Energy Advisory Services Organization

“I had the privilege of having Dave Parker personally help me land a job right out of grad school at a Fortune 500 company. Dave’s insights will empower you to take the first steps on your new journey and prepare you for every stage of the process.”

bryan henson
Founder and CEO

Yes, It Really Works 

Slam Dunk Job Search is a remarkable book! It outlines a step-by-step process to help you get the job you want and deserve. I would have landed my dream job much faster if I would have known about Dave's six steps early in my career.”


“I have no doubt that Dave Parker's Slam Dunk Job Search book will change how you approach your job search, turning what is an otherwise grueling experience into one that is both fun and incredibly effective.”


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Slam Dunk Job Search encapsulates the passion Dave Parker has for helping people find the best possible career – a meaningful career, and not just a job. His practical and comprehensive guide is just as effective for recent graduates as it is for experienced professionals seeking a mid-career change. Read Dave's book and see how you can land your ideal job and advance within your career.”

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When you strive to become the person you want to be and get yourself and your work in front of others, the people you want to come into your life will often find their way to you.

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