David Parker's process has helped thousands of job seekers land rewarding positions in more than 65 different industries, on seven continents, and within hundreds of fields. He cares about his clients, and he is always looking for innovative ways to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Read through the testimonials below to see David's impact.

 Join a long list of professionals who have used the 6-Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process to land their ideal jobs and have a greater impact on the world. 

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The Testimonials


Dave's guidance has been so influential to me and my career. The takeaways from his workshops, especially his spot-on interviewing tips, have helped me through two job searches that led to career-defining roles.

— Josh Levine
Senior Vice President
Wealth Management Company

While there have been many books written about finding the perfect job, few share the same level of empathy, motivation, and drive to propel the reader to take the necessary steps to proceed in confidence. I have no doubt that everyone will learn something valuable from Dave’s Slam Dunk Job Search book.

“Slam Dunk Job Search encapsulates the passion Dave Parker has for helping people find the best possible career – a meaningful career, and not just a job. His practical and comprehensive guide is just as effective for recent graduates as it is for experienced professionals seeking a mid-career change. Read Dave's book and see how you can land your ideal job and advance within your career.”


— Dana Jennings
Senior Project Manager
Global Sustainability

I have personally benefited from Dave’s Slam Dunk technique, landing the job of my dreams in sustainable tech during an economic crisis. And now, he’s opened up his secrets to the world! Don’t miss your chance to learn from his remarkable wisdom.

— Matt Panopio
Technical Product Manager, energy & Carbon Amazon

As a graduate student, Dave’s advice helped me land internships with four tech companies—ranging from small startups to large public companies—one of which turned into full-time employment. I wouldn't be at my dream job today without his career advice!

— Kavitha NAMBIAR

"Dave was a guiding force in my job search and early career decisions. Dave helped me navigate a difficult job market and land my first 'dream' job quickly and effectively. I'm thrilled that readers around the world will now have the opportunity to experience what I did - his slam dunk job search process. I have no doubt that this book will change how readers approach their job search, turning what is an otherwise grueling experience into one that is both fun and incredibly effective!"

“Dave helped me navigate a difficult job market and land my first 'dream' job quickly and effectively.”

— Alisan theodossiou
  Senior Communications Manager
California Trout

Dave made me feel SO confident going into interviews. For one of my interviews the hiring manager even said 'Let's hire her!' after I gave an answer to one of the questions. I learned from the best! I am so glad to see his wealth of knowledge finally being made available to the public with the release of his first book Slam Dunk Job Search

— Jennifer DuBuisson
Senior Director
Government and Public Affairs
Global Consumer Products Company

“Dave’s use of powerful imagery, combined with actionable and tried-and-true tactics, makes Slam Dunk Job Search not just a reference, but a powerful tool that will be indispensable to anyone navigating the job search process.” 

“The first time I heard Dave Parker’s name was from a peer providing tips for career success. The one and only tip was to get to know Dave Parker! Dave is a master at building relationships and linking those relationships to career opportunities. The knowledge and insights shared in his Slam Dunk Job Search book will provide valuable guidance to anyone in search of an ideal job. It is an incredibly useful book filled with innovative and effective tips."


— Anne Middleton
Executive Director
ECOLIFE Conservation

"In Slam Dunk Job Search, Dave breaks down the daunting task of finding (and landing) your dream job into a systematic, logical, doable process. He knows how to help you elevate your confidence, identify targets, and put your best self out there. I wouldn't have had the amazing experiences I've had in my career without Dave!"

— Michelle Graff
Physical Scientist
United States Federal Government

Anyone who has had the good fortune of having Dave as their career coach knows that his advice is good advice. Read this book, apply what you learn, and see the magic of Dave Parker.


Slam Dunk Job Search is a remarkable book! It outlines a step-by-step process to help you get the job you want and deserve. I would have landed my dream job much faster if I would have known about Dave's six steps early in my career.”

Slam Dunk Job Search is a remarkable book.”

— Andy Bilich
Data and Projects Manager EarthSpark International

Whereas most job search books leave you saying 'Ok, that's great, but how?' Dave Parker brings a refreshing measure of intentionality as he systematically guides the reader through proactive and proven strategies for an engaging, rewarding, and ultimately successful job search.

— Jill Richardson
Director of Students Affairs
Top 40 US News University

I used Dave’s job search process to shift my mindset and efficiently identify and successfully land an ideal position that more clearly aligned with my long-term career goals. I am truly grateful for the Slam Dunk process, and you will be too if you want to land your ideal job!

“I had the privilege of having Dave Parker personally help me land a job right out of grad school at a Fortune 500 company. Dave’s insights will empower you to take the first steps on your new journey and prepare you for every stage of the process.”


— Jill Matteson
  Founder and President EcoStrategies

If you want to shake up your job search and transform your career, this book is for you! David Parker’s decades of experience as a career strategist and job search coach are evident throughout this essential job hunting guide. His well-organized, easy to follow process takes the mystery and guesswork out of job hunting. David also shares key tactics and tools that will help job seekers everywhere land their dream jobs.This book is a new 'must-read' for job seekers everywhere who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

— Kellen Klein
Former Director of Stakeholder Engagement
Future 500

Dave has personally guided me with a masterful hand through multiple career transitions and salary negotiations. Slam Dunk Job Search canonizes Dave’s wisdom and gives you an approachable, tactical, and impactful guidebook for landing your dream job. 

— lindsay bass
Senior Management Analyst
City of Santa Cruz

“Dave Parker's career coaching helped me land my dream job! Now, he’s assembled his innovative and practical tactics into an easy to understand approach that demystifies the job search process. Slam Dunk Job Search will give you the clarity and confidence you need to be competitive in any job market. It is an essential resource for anyone embarking on a job search or career change!"

“Dave's career coaching helped me land my dream job!”

— Lena Moffitt
Chief of Staff
evergreen action 

Dave’s thoughtful, expert guidance was invaluable to me in successfully landing a job in a tough job market. If you’re job-hunting and want the edge, I’d highly recommend buying this book.

— Erin Williamson
  Manager, Energy & Sustainability Strategy Edison Energy

Dave is unmatched in his insights into navigating the stressful world of job seeking. He knows his stuff when it comes to helping job seekers secure their dream jobs. Slam Dunk Job Search is more than just a book of advice – it's a tried-and-true program that unlocks the hiring black box.

“Dave was a revelation upon moving to the west coast. He very candidly broke the mold by helping me to see what employers needed and wanted from candidates. Slam Dunk Job Search takes job seekers out of their heads and into the real world, focusing on what it truly takes to win – a step that hurried job seekers often overlook. Dave Parker’s book is an essential read for job seekers facing steep competition in a highly competitive job market.”


— John Onderdonk
      Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Science and Engineering Institute

"Dave helped me land a great Fortune 500 job out of graduate school that has set me on a career path of growth and leadership. Almost twenty years later, I still lean on Dave's guidance and approach."

— Aliana Lungo-Shapiro
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Colburn School

Dave Parker is an expert in every aspect of the job search process, from developing connections to sealing the deal. I wouldn't be where I am today without his guidance. Everyone can learn something valuable from Dave, and I'm so glad he's sharing his toolkit with the world!


"Before working with Dave, I never knew where to start with my job search. I was often left feeling frustrated and unmotivated. Dave’s 6-Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process has completely shifted how I pursue jobs. In Slam Dunk Job Search, you'll not only learn how to efficiently and effectively make yourself stand out in the job market, but you'll also enjoy sharing your skills with others."

“Dave's 6 Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process completely shifted how I pursue jobs.”

— Ian Adam
Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.

It’s great to see Dave Parker’s 25+ years of job search tactics consolidated into one comprehensive book and multi-faceted approach for today’s marketplace. Read it, use it, be confident, and the opportunities are limitless.

— Stacy Katz
Project Director

As a career changer at age 30, I followed Dave’s step-by-step process and ended up with three job offers from three highly desirable organizations. I can’t thank him enough for all of his help, and you will too after you have read this book and follow Dave’s advice. 

"Job seekers, rejoice! Nobody understands how to give job seekers a leg up in the job market like Dave Parker. Slam Dunk Job Search boils his decades of wisdom and innovative approach down to a proven, repeatable science. Dave zeroes in on the exact steps you can take to develop a plan, impress employers, and land your ideal job. This book has it all!"


— Eleanor Johnstone
Senior Project Manager
Gladstein Neandross & Associates

Speaking with Dave Parker has always led to pivotal moments in my career. He delivers the same level of insight, consideration and generous enthusiasm in this book that he brings to every coaching session, leaving the reader excited to get in the game. 

— Chris Minton
Vice President
Larry Walker Associates

Following Dave’s ideas, now outlined in the book, gave me a solid process to focus on that put me on a path to success. Don't wait to read Dave's book. The 6-Step Slam Dunk Job Search Process can make a difference in your career as well. 

“Dave Parker’s book is a phenomenal tool that condenses the otherwise daunting task of a job search and packages it in a simple step-by-step process that is manageable and extremely effective. A ‘must have’ for all job seekers.”  


— Allison Turner
Public Outreach Director ManTech International

Dave’s proven strategies, techniques, and useful tips will allow you to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

— Jessica Sager, AICP
Manager of Land Development
Fortune 500 Automobile Manufacturer

Dave Parker’s methodology works—read this book, do the work, and make your ideal job search a Slam Dunk!

— Jason Peery
Resident Managing Director, Executive Vice President

If you want to know how to stand out and land your ideal job, follow every step outlined in Dave’s Slam Dunk Job Search book!”

— Caroline Holmes
Senior Manager
Fortune 500 Retail Company

Dave’s guidance helped me identify, negotiate, and secure a dream job offer that launched my career. He genuinely cares about helping job seekers succeed at their highest potential, as evidenced by the thoughtful, clear, and practical steps laid out in his book.

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