Add Something Unique to Your Job Search Documents

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I don't want anyone to struggle during the job search process. I want you to make your ideal job search a slam dunk no matter who you are competing against. But in order to compete at this level, you need to view things differently, think differently, and do things differently. I'm here to reframe your job search and help you stand out and land your ideal job.

Add Something Unique to Your Job Search Documents

Add at least one related, unique, or impressive extracurricular activity, talent, personal quality, or accomplishment to your resume or cover letter to create conversation and intrigue. And you should anticipate that at least one of the hiring committee members will ask about it. Find ways to show how your extracurricular activity relates to the position, and practice what you will say if asked about it. Your uniqueness is more relevant than you would initially think. When I look back at all the people I have helped and hired, I don’t remember their work-related skills and credentials nearly as much as what made them unique. I remember what was different and special about each person: 

The job seeker

  • Was a talented artist 
  • Grew up in Alaska
  • Played the cello superbly
  • Grew up in a small town in Vermont
  • Spoke 7 languages fluently
  • Played a sport in college
  • Was attacked by a great white shark
  • Traveled around the world on a 40-foot sailboat 
  • Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro 
  • Could hold breath underwater for six minutes 
  • Photographed birds around the world
  • Was the first to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail during the winter
  • Hiked along the California coast to bring attention to the California Coastal Trail
  • Could draw incredible charcoal portraits
  • Lived and worked in Cameroon
  • Worked for Pepsi but preferred drinking Coke

This list could go on and on. I remember people through their special talents and unique skills and traits. Find what is unique and special about you, and include it somewhere on your resume or cover letter. If you do, you will grab attention and create curiosity. And the more you can take that curiosity and connect your uniqueness to the position, the more memorable you will be.

Here is an example of an Activities section:

Activities: Ran 12 marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2019; climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt. Whitney in the same year; won ceramic pottery awards at two Midwest state fairs; played on a competitive tennis team through the United States Tennis Association and won the Northpoint Father/Daughter Doubles Tennis Tournament. 

You will probably only add a few activities, but I have added more to illustrate what you might include in this section. Of course, always use your best judgment based on your audience, but you should try to include something that will spark a conversation or help you sell yourself more. You will often find that the things that make you unique and special are the things that will create the most intrigue, conversation, and connection.  

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